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Finance your happy home!

Get a mortgage as an expat in the Netherlands?

Being an expat in The Netherlands does have its challenges. A foreign language, unfamiliar territory, different laws and another culture with strange habits. Let alone if you want to buy a house as an expat and apply for a mortgage!

You have fallen in love with a beautiful house in The Netherlands. Now what? How to find your way around the financial maze and obtain a mortgage as an expat. Start Goed Hypotheekadvies ( also know as Expat Mortgage Advice) can help you and guide you as an expat through the whole process from start till the end.

Independent Mortgage Advice for Expats in The Netherlands

Many expats prefer mortgage financing for property purchases. We believe an independent mortgage advisor offers a optimal route. Our focus is securing the best deal for expats, where we can choose of more than 30 mortgage providers, assessing conditions and acceptance policies beyond interest rates.

During the intake session, we evaluate your eligibility, borrowing capacity, monthly expenses, property details, costs, tax rebates and address your housing market inquiries. The first meeting is free of charge ( a no-obligation intake) to explore our offerings. Upon proceeding and during this meeting, we’ll provide detailed documentation regarding all the questions you may have.

During an initial meeting we will go through the most important questions to make this happen.:

  • How much can i borrow based on my income?
  • What will be the monthly cost ?
  • How much money do i need to put in to the mortgage? ( Buyers Fees)
  • How long do i have to fix the interest?
  • What kind of residence card is needed?

And many more questions will be answered during our meeting.

About Expat Mortgage Advice (EMA)

Expat mortgage advice is a small company in Hoofddorp and we have more than 20 years of experience in expat mortgage advice. We know the local market en we work with real estate agent in the area.

Reasons to choose Expat Mortgage Advice (EMA):

We are independent

We will find you the most suitable mortgage with the best rates on the market. We have the knowledge and more than 20 years experience on mortgages for expats, we compare mortgages over more than 30 lenders, mortgage types, interest rates and conditions of all mortgage providers.

We believe in personal advice

Buying a house in foreign country is a major step in your life! We will be your personal and dedicated guide from start to key. We will take the time you need to go through all the options and conditions. We will pick up the phone and will be available for all your questions and we guarantee that you will experience the process as pleasant and easy.

We are there from A till Z.

We will listen, explain, advise and assist you along the whole process. We will arrange the official paperwork and make sure we point out the fine print in the contract carefully, also after the notary we will always be there if you have any questions. And we hope that you are happy in your new home!

Please feel free to contact us, please call us at 085-0601228 or leave your details at the contact form.



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